Everything must eventually change or it will cease to exist.

Our club has a history of how it started almost 5 years ago and from everything Good, there is usually a little Dark secret of Bad.

Well, ours was that we wanted to do more and believed in a CODE and that’s how we started the change.

We knew the foundation need to be strong and solid or it was not gonna last. We had the luck of comradery and the spirit of brotherhood (and sisterhood) in us and wanted a stronger, honorable foundation.

So we banded together and FOUNDED our club. We came from a different club and unfortunately (or fortunately) that club doesn’t exist anymore.

We have grown and shrunk also. Life happens, hell COVID happens and nearly wiped us out, if not the mere Burn out of everyday medical working, as others didn’t have to, (because of quarantine or job shutdowns), we kept going for the community. We are medical people, we either had symptoms or were asymptomatic (we had it but didn’t get sick). We did eventually have members get sick with COVID, we even had family members die and our sanity shaken and questioned.

BUT WE ARE STILL HERE, just like you.

We knew at that point we had to change, we planned a LEGACY and we had to do it. Too many days lost to sickness, to work, city laws, state laws, government regulations, ALL THE TIME CHANGING! The new NORM is not what the normal has ever been, nor is our world any way near normal anymore.


So the Change, what is it. Well, we changed our Patch. It’s a life choice, a statement of direction for our Legacy. Like the Phoenix being destroyed to be Reborn, that’s what we needed to do.

When you want to be in the motorcycle world YOU BEST NOT GET YOUR INFORMATION FROM TV SHOWS and better make sure whatever social media you digesting is prevalent for the area you are in. We know, and some of you need to put the work in. If life was easy, then we wouldn’t have great stories or have the tenacity we have.

You need to get out and see the WORLD and the world you want to become a part of. Hang around with people who ride, and get to know them. Because if this is something you chose, your gonna learn Quick there’s no commercial or PC sheriff to come to your rescue if you are ignorant.

Mess around and find out.

Our Club was founded on 2 things: Motorcycles and medicine, and then we GREW as all things do. You either get Stronger or you get weaker, and you need a LEGACY to guide you. We chose stronger. We help establish a NONPROFIT, that we help support. We do a yearly children’s hospital event that WE STARTED DURING THE COVID PANDEMIC…AND WE ARE STILL HERE!

Now we will be a GROUP of people that will expand from just the love of 2 wheels, but to the love of 4 wheels, the love of Aviation, and the love of our fellow human beings of Good Samaritans.

Don’t sit on the sideline, don’t be a person who doesn’t know what to do. So, you dialed 911…now what are you going to do?

Don’t worry, we got you, We are still here for You, let us help you EMPOWER more than just yourself, let’s grow a community together! on 2’s,4’s, and even wings or just your feet and hands.

CARPE MORTEM 4 LIFE, is more than an idea.

We might not be Blood, but we sure as hell are Family!