Happy Valentine Days

As this day comes and goes hopefully everyone took a time to appreciate someone or you are going out to find someone to appreciate! So keep that rubber on the road, and maybe one in your pocket or purse because hey…Happy VD!

Jan 2018

Well its a brand new year and for us that gives us more reason to be excited. For our group of merriness it’s our month that we have become official. It’s been a long road and in any long road trip, you have bumps and stops but when you get there it is exhilarating and …

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We are a  motorcycle club whose members  currently work or have previously worked in the medical field. Our name, “Carpe Mortem” is Latin for Seize Death; with the club motto, Restore Life. We strive to render aid to those in distress, participate in charity events, and support the Greater Henderson and Las Vegas communities.