Helping out a Great Man


I want to talk about a great man, Bolo. Bolo was our founding president and with out him we would not have had a chance at all to form our Club. Bolo has been around the block,  hell the neighborhood should be named after him, but I don’t think he wants all the girls calling. Maybe he does, I will get you his number ladies! But I digress.

Now Bolo has been hit with a meriade of medical problems, none of which he can truly afford as a single father.  He has recently been diagnosed with autoimmune disease brought on by his other multiple comorbidities. That means his health just went un-healthier.

Being bad ass as he is, he had to give up riding, then this shit hit him.

Bolo is that guy, who you can ask him something and he can tell you straight and true from the heart.

The man knows how to talk and even though he might be soft spoken and articulate, believe me, you best come correct or be ready to be corrected!

Like a bad ass mixture of Bruce Lee, Yoda, and Chuck Norris all rolled into one.

Anything you give Will help. Not asking a lot, if everyone chips in a little, then a little become a LOT.

We also ask for your prayers if you would.

Please like and share so we can get all of the help he needs.

Thanks for taking your time in reading this. Please click this pic of Bolo to help out=> 

“When you’re sitting at a light and you squeeze your butt cheeks tight…”

Well now that the 4th of July has passed and all those fireworks are done…you might have your own bathroom fireworks going off.

What do you mean Dice?

“When you’re flying on a plane and you get a tummy pain…”

Diarrhea, diarrhea.

“When you’re staying out of trouble and your pants begin to bubble…”

Diarrhea, diarrhea.

“When you’re sitting at a light and you squeeze your butt cheeks tight…”

Diarrhea, diarrhea.

Now I hope that little ditty get stuck in your head but what I don’t hope is you got  bubble guts guys. I mean you can chose from the plethora of word choices saying: Hershey Squirts, Sharts, Anti-Sticky butt, the Bubblies, Poop Smoothie, Butt Pee, Nuclear Anus, and Pure, concentrated evil is spewing forth when my brown star approaches supernova status.

It that time of year people and don’t you worry, I got some advice and help if you are suffering from evil intestinal ninja kicking inside your cut and flushing out your precious fluids.

Ok, first don’t get sick


Now if you are blowing off butt sparkles A LOT go to the damn hospital before you dehydrate yourself and get checked out, you might have a viral or bacterial infection.

Vomiting and diarrhea EXPEL (shoots out, gets out, leaves the body) water from your body, which leads to dehydration, which can lead to dizziness, passing out (we love to call it syncopal) and there could be lots of other medical reasons going on.

Ok, so your not on deaths door but your running to the bathroom like cartoon version of Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture (Full with Cannons) and you just want to survive.

So here is the tried and true method… the B.R.A.T.Y. diet. Yes it the BRAT diet but it’s the 21st century so it new and improved!!!!!

                BRATY Diet  (A BRATY diet is used in the treatment of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea)


How do I start this diet?   The diet consists of the following:

  1. Only clear liquids for the first 24-48 hours. Start with small quantities of water first and slowly increase the volume of fluid intake
  2. Add weak decaffeinated tea with or without sugar or honey
  3. Add clear, flat non-caffeinated sodas such as 7-up, Sprite or ginger ale (bubbles can be stirred out with a spoon)
  4. Try apple juice diluted to ½ strength with water (no other juices)
  5. Jell-O
  6. Broth
  7. Gatorade diluted to ½ strength


What if I can tolerate the above?      As the diarrhea & nausea improves, the following may be added slowly:

      B – Bananas

R – White rice without butter, Cream of Wheat or rice cereal (no milk), noodles and potatoes (may be lightly

salted or seasoned with broth)

      A – Apples or applesauce (the pectin found in applesauce has a soothing effect on the gastrointestinal system)

      T – Toasted white bread with small amount of honey (no butter, jelly or jam) or soda crackers

Y– Yogurt is the product of bacteria consuming lactose in milk, and it is the lactose that causes irritation of an already upset stomach. Yogurt actually helps the upset stomach by reintroducing helpful bacteria into the digestive system.


Foods to avoid (Gastroenteritis is the inflammation of the digestive tract)

Avoid foods that may be irritating or could worsen the inflammation, such as:

  1. non-cultured dairy products i.e. milk, cheese and ice cream
  2. spicy foods
  3. greasy or fatty foods (cream soups, beef or pork products)
  4. alcohol (alcohol is in many products) or caffeine products
  5. foods containing roughage (whole grains, seeds and nuts, fruits with skins and raw vegetables)



  1. Acetominophen 650 mg (Tylenol) can be taken every 4 hours to control fever, headaches and body aches.
  2. Aspirin (Goody’s and Excedrin are only a small sample of Aspirin Brands) and ibuprofen (Motrin) can cause stomach irritation and should be avoided.
  3. Bismuth subsalicylate to control the diarrhea (Bismol- 2 tablets four times per day- do not exceed 8 tablets in 24 hours just read the damn package!). Its PEPTO BISMOL in tablet form
    1. Possible side effects include black feces or tongue, nausea and constipation
    2. Do not take bismuth subsalicylate if you are taking aspirin, other subsalicylates, doxycycline, anticoagulants, probenecid or methotrexate.
    3. Antidiarrheal – The exact mechanism has not been determined. Bismol may exert its antidiarrheal action not only by stimulating absorption of fluid and electrolytes across the intestinal wall (anti-secretory action) but also, when hydrolyzed to salicylic acid, by inhibiting synthesis of a prostaglandin responsible for intestinal inflammation and hypermotility. In addition, bismuth subsalicylate binds toxins produced by Escherichia coli (the most common stomach pathogen)


When can I return to a normal diet?  When diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting has resolved for 24 hours on the BRATY diet then lean meats (chicken or turkey), fruits and vegetables should be tried gradually for one to two days more. At this point dairy products may be added one at a time in limited amounts. Continue drinking lots of clear fluids.



  1. persistent abdominal pain that is unrelieved by vomiting or passing a bowel movement
  2. a fever over 101°F that is not relieved with acetaminophen
  3. vomiting or diarrhea for more than 24 hours without improvement or more than 3 times an hour
  4. blood in vomit or stools or no urination in more than six hours

This is not THE answer it is A answer.

Which means don’t rely on the internet for cures or answer for medical condition. Goggle does not do lab works, or ECG, or Blood Pressure, it just filters stuff out and there is plenty of diarrhea on the internet.

I am just sharing the tried and true method of recovery but sometimes you need medicine, more than the pink pepto pill. You could need IV rehydration because you cant keep anything down (attic or basement wise) and you might need antibiotics to help you on the speedier road to recovery. Yes it sucks, I know, I am overseas and it that time of year where Bubble Guts is running rampant (literally and figuratively). So yes it sucks eating bland food as your stomach CTRL ALT DELETES itself into a reboot. But you know what is worse, eating something tasty that goes against what you KNOW you should be doing so you suffer longer.

Well that is todays little IF YOU DIDN’T KNOW now you KNOW!

 keep two wheels on the ground and the wet wipes close!




Happy 242 years since our Declaration of Independence!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

So on this day, be smart as your are celebrating, remember fireworks are just pretty explosions and we all like to have fun.

Be safe, have fun, keep 2 wheels on the ground!



You woke up today, well then that’s a good enough reason to do something. As I sit here reading all these things online (thank you internet) I see all this negativity and occasional GOOD things. That got me thinking, why so much negativity.  The things you can control is simple, it’s you.

People and the world are going to keep doing what they want to do, either negative or positive. Do you want to bathe in the negativity, have at it. Want to feel down in the dumps, have at it. Anything change? Maybe so, maybe not.

Now, I am not a psychiatrist but most bikers know that once you get on a bike and twist that throttle, a lot of the worlds problem just melt away. Dogs now the feeling when they stick their head out the window and get blasted with all that air and sensory overload orgasm!!! It’s a change of pace. 3-5 gallons of pure bliss until the next fill up, stop or just pulling over to enjoy the scenery.

Some of my cohorts enjoy their job…the ride to it and then they ride away from it! The job is a job, it is a grind, some good some bad, just like any day.

It is how YOU handle the day that speaks volume.

Think about it, can you control tomorrow? Can you change yesterday?

Hell no you can’t! You can only handle the NOW and even then it is only YOU that YOU can control, and sometime that is a job in itself.

Chaos is the one thing that helps shape who we are. Metal is a prime example, it gets heated, bent, the crap beat out of it to be shaped into something. Either a lump of nothing or something useful.

So you woke up today, what are you gonna do with it? All roads lead somewhere and it is an adventure. Even a small path has many turns and choices.

Keep moving forward my friends, yes sometime you need to take a break but that does not make the road any less shorter or easier.

So top off, fire it up and enjoy the ride! Where ever it takes you.

Happy Fathers Day 2018

CCMC Happy FatherDay.pngHope everyone has a great Fathers day! I think my youngest summed it up on the Fathers day card and I quote “Thank you so much for somehow persuading mom to have sex without protection. The results are very satisfactory for me, was it for you?- Son” 

So today I salute all the Dads for not pulling out so we could be here today!!!

Keep 2 wheels on the ground, I would say Rubber but hey, its father days and Rubbers where not involved!

It’s HOT

You now it hot when you wake up, roll over and Satan wearing shorts and fanning himself. Just kidding but it set the tone for todays post.


Yeah not as sexy as Satan in a swimsuit but hey, I digress. Dehydration is when the body loses more water than it takes in. Hemostasis and all these other big words are neat but dehydration is not. Your body loses water in all kinds of ways that we don’t think of; evaporation, radiation, etc.

  • Sun:Direct sun exposure from being out in the open air will make a rider heat up quickly.
  • Asphalt: The sun’s rays beat down on the road, heating the asphalt. That heat radiates up, making you feel hot from above and below.
  • Protective gear: Helmets, jackets, boots, and other layers you’re wearing to protect you during a crash can also, unfortunately, trap heat.
  • Humidity:Even if the sun isn’t beating down, warm air can act like a layer of insulation, heating you up from the inside out.

The big key is that ANY reduction to our mental or physical accuracy can increase the chance of making a mistake that can lessen the ability to control and stay safe on our motorcycles.

So, I just drink tons of water before getting on the road? NOOOOOOOO, if you are already feeling an effect your already behind the curve. Some signs are: Thirst (duhhh), dry mouth,lips, eyes, Dark urine or strong smelling, headaches, dizziness, feeling lightheaded.

But Dice, I stopped sweating so I am good, I am no longer dehydrated. NOoooo your probably headed into Heat Stroke and that is Really bad. We will just leave it at that, sweating good, Stop sweating and still hot= BAD!

So enough on the negativity, lets talk about how to avoid it or tackle the problems. Drink water!!! Ok, that is a given right!? Drinking water regularly throughout the day is best way to avoid dehydration. Some other choices are natural fruit juices or organic smoothies BUT read the labels to understand sugar and salt, and try to avoid drinks with lots of sugar or caffeine.

There are a few steps you can take while on a ride to stay hydrated.

  • Carry water with you: To ensure your safety and ability to keep both hands on the handlebars, invest in a hydration pack. Backpack-style hydration systems are an easy way to drink on the fly without using your hands. Might not be sexy but neither is dehydration.
  • Stop often: Take breaks to rehydrate. In addition to water, sports drinks with electrolytes (sodium, potassium and magnesium) absorb easily. Be wary of high sugar or caffeine content.
  • Wear sweat-wicking or ventilated clothing: Take a tip from runners or snow sports athletes—wear fabrics that pull sweat away from skin or outer layers with zippers designed to release heat and keep cooler.
  • You can also spritz or douse your shirt with some water to help make it cooler, open your jacket a little bit to let air circulate in and cool you off.
  • Monitor your output:If you use the restroom while you’re stopped, monitor the shade of your urine. The darker it is, the higher your risk of dehydration. Doesn’t have to be clear, a slight shade of yellow is good.

Let’s have fun, but let’s be smart, it a desert out there, especially Las Vegas. We could go deeper into the physiology of stuff and if you want I will in the next posts and stuff but we want you to be Safe. Only you can take care of yourself and as much as we love trauma, we are a medical MC after all, I would rather have you put us out of business than have us work on you. Yes, I know that sounds bad and sure the Over lords, I mean, a company doesn’t want that, But we want everyone to ride safe and get home to your loved ones.

To read or NOT to Read, that is a silly question

Good day everyone,

Well  as I sit here many miles on the other side of the blue marble I look at our site and wonder…WTH am I gonna write about?!

We are  medical MC and we all have different ideas, do I write about motorcycle maintenance…ummm honestly I am the last guy you want me to put a wrench to your bike. It would go something like “umm handle bars connected to the fork thingy, the tires go round and round…screw it lets ride!”

I know medicine and legally we are not gonna give you medical advice <thats for your doctor to prescribe AND THAT IS NOT DOCTOR GOGGLE>. Again I am the last guy you want advice from…ok maybe not the last guy you wan’t to see since the place I am at, you yell Medic and you will definitely be glad to see me.

So what to do?

Well let’s get to some basics, READ! Read your labels people.  I know it frustrated the hell out my family when I got to go get medicine because I read the labels on the medication.

So I challenge you:  your itty bitty (that means kid in cool guy medical terms) is sick and you go down to your local Super Mega Store!!! And there it is, the aisle of your salvation, the cornucopia of pharmaceutical remedies, and strike up the angelic music of salvation! My lil mini-me got tooth pain because he finally growing those magnificent pearly white and now drooling like a pubescent who just seen his first pair of boobies (ok I digress) and you want to sleep…I mean ensure your little ones can rest and not suffer. OH look! What this, gum numbing, teeth growing in your baby, this will help medication…oh hell yes please and thank you! TAKE MY MONEY!!

You get home, rub juniors gum and Ahhhh, peace. BUT WAIT!!!!!! Mini-me not looking so good, he turning..grey, blue, Hell I don’t know what color it is, it’s not PINK!!!! He is getting drowsy (we call that lethargic or how you feel without coffee or during reallly long power point). What to do, what to…CALL 911!

Here is what going on (Thanks Dice, now that I am freaking out over something that seemed like a nice easy intro), The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers to immediately stop using benzocaine-containing over-the-counter drug products, including those used to treat teething pain, in infants and children under 2 years of age as they can pose a “serious risk.” Signs and symptoms of methemoglobinemia may appear within a few minutes to 2 hours after use, and can occur after a first-time use or after multiple exposures. Symptoms include pale, gray- or blue-colored skin, lips, and nail beds; shortness of breath; fatigue; headache; lightheadedness; and rapid heart rate. “If any of these symptoms occur after using benzocaine, the person should receive medical attention immediately,” the agency said. Benzocaine is also used in products to treat sore throats, canker sores, and other oral irritations. It is sold as gels, sprays, ointments, and lozenges. Some of the more common brand names are Anbesol, Baby Orajel, Cepacol, Chloraseptic, Hurricaine, Orabase, Orajel, and Topex. Prescription local anesthetics include articaine, bupivacaine, chloroprocaine, lidocaine, mepivacaine, prilocaine, ropivacaine, and tetracaine.”

Given the accumulating evidence regarding benzocaine’s association with methemoglobinemia, we are taking necessary action to work with industry to discontinue the distribution and sale of over-the-counter benzocaine oral health products intended for teething pain, and add warning information about methemoglobinemia and a contraindication against use for teething pain and against use in children under two years of age to the remaining oral health care drug products containing benzocaine,” Janet Woodcock, MD, director of the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research, said in the news release. “As part of the action, the agency is also requiring that prescription local anesthetics add updated warnings about their risk of this condition.”

OK, now since 1971 there been 400 cases, that only ….(counting on fingers and toes) maybe 10 cases a year BUT those are the ones the Center knows about.  DICE said to get rid of this evil in our house!!   NO NO NO!  What I am saying is now you are educated and hopefully read some of this (high 5 if you made it to the bottom of this blog) and KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE  GOOOOO JO.. Sorry got carried away.

But seriously, read the labels on stuff and also when one of us shows up after you called 911, take a deep breath (well sure you would be freaking out and hyperventilating)  and TELL US WHAT HAPPENED and what going on. It is important, because we need to relay that information on to the next level of care AND figure out our Plan.


So I had a lot more but as I read this I WENT WAYYYYYYYY off track but let bring it back on the center line shall we.

Read the labels, read the warnings, and make a decision. Just be mindful and stay vigilant.

You wouldn’t ride your motorcycle without paying attention to those cagers around you, right?! Because we know those cars are not paying attention to us so we stay vigilant.

Well thanks for sticking it out and reading all the way to the bottom, keep 2 wheels on the road!



Us in our group deal with all kinds of things, life, patients, stress and more stress.

I can say that those in the medical field are compassionate even when it goes against the grain at times. We love what we do and we know it can be awesome and hellish at the same time. Just like anything. But then most of us in the medical professions are also humble and we know what to do for others but we never think about what OTHERS will do for us…until now.

One of our members was in an accident, a bad one. And then something awesome happened, People Helped us.

For a job where we always help others we usually never have positive feed backs, granted we see some horrific things, sometime people are happy to see us, other times they are numb when we are dealing with a family member or friend.

I could go on and on and so I will just post the link.


To everyone involved, everyone in this town and other locations who helped out our member, THANK YOU.

It just two words and sometime those two words can speak volumes more than what the dictionary can mean. And sometimes, maybe you don’t hear it, or no one said it to you in your moment of kindness and compassion.

So from our club, family, and myself, again