Helping out a Great Man


I want to talk about a great man, Bolo. Bolo was our founding president and with out him we would not have had a chance at all to form our Club. Bolo has been around the block,  hell the neighborhood should be named after him, but I don’t think he wants all the girls calling. Maybe he does, I will get you his number ladies! But I digress.

Now Bolo has been hit with a meriade of medical problems, none of which he can truly afford as a single father.  He has recently been diagnosed with autoimmune disease brought on by his other multiple comorbidities. That means his health just went un-healthier.

Being bad ass as he is, he had to give up riding, then this shit hit him.

Bolo is that guy, who you can ask him something and he can tell you straight and true from the heart.

The man knows how to talk and even though he might be soft spoken and articulate, believe me, you best come correct or be ready to be corrected!

Like a bad ass mixture of Bruce Lee, Yoda, and Chuck Norris all rolled into one.

Anything you give Will help. Not asking a lot, if everyone chips in a little, then a little become a LOT.

We also ask for your prayers if you would.

Please like and share so we can get all of the help he needs.

Thanks for taking your time in reading this. Please click this pic of Bolo to help out=> 

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