You woke up today, well then that’s a good enough reason to do something. As I sit here reading all these things online (thank you internet) I see all this negativity and occasional GOOD things. That got me thinking, why so much negativity.  The things you can control is simple, it’s you.

People and the world are going to keep doing what they want to do, either negative or positive. Do you want to bathe in the negativity, have at it. Want to feel down in the dumps, have at it. Anything change? Maybe so, maybe not.

Now, I am not a psychiatrist but most bikers know that once you get on a bike and twist that throttle, a lot of the worlds problem just melt away. Dogs now the feeling when they stick their head out the window and get blasted with all that air and sensory overload orgasm!!! It’s a change of pace. 3-5 gallons of pure bliss until the next fill up, stop or just pulling over to enjoy the scenery.

Some of my cohorts enjoy their job…the ride to it and then they ride away from it! The job is a job, it is a grind, some good some bad, just like any day.

It is how YOU handle the day that speaks volume.

Think about it, can you control tomorrow? Can you change yesterday?

Hell no you can’t! You can only handle the NOW and even then it is only YOU that YOU can control, and sometime that is a job in itself.

Chaos is the one thing that helps shape who we are. Metal is a prime example, it gets heated, bent, the crap beat out of it to be shaped into something. Either a lump of nothing or something useful.

So you woke up today, what are you gonna do with it? All roads lead somewhere and it is an adventure. Even a small path has many turns and choices.

Keep moving forward my friends, yes sometime you need to take a break but that does not make the road any less shorter or easier.

So top off, fire it up and enjoy the ride! Where ever it takes you.

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