Us in our group deal with all kinds of things, life, patients, stress and more stress.

I can say that those in the medical field are compassionate even when it goes against the grain at times. We love what we do and we know it can be awesome and hellish at the same time. Just like anything. But then most of us in the medical professions are also humble and we know what to do for others but we never think about what OTHERS will do for us…until now.

One of our members was in an accident, a bad one. And then something awesome happened, People Helped us.

For a job where we always help others we usually never have positive feed backs, granted we see some horrific things, sometime people are happy to see us, other times they are numb when we are dealing with a family member or friend.

I could go on and on and so I will just post the link.


To everyone involved, everyone in this town and other locations who helped out our member, THANK YOU.

It just two words and sometime those two words can speak volumes more than what the dictionary can mean. And sometimes, maybe you don’t hear it, or no one said it to you in your moment of kindness and compassion.

So from our club, family, and myself, again


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