I’m not bored, noooo

Well, with the group I get to practice my skills while I am away until I return.

Not only my medical skills but my artistic skills also.

So I put together a small clip and the group liked it, so I posted it under our new header “VIDEO”. I hope to bring more in the months, weeks and days to follow and hope you enjoy the show as we grow and progress in our club.

So as things progress, we will add information on first aid and things to help but as always, unlike Dr Google, seek medical help not the internet. The Internet is full of information but good ole people interaction and Health professional advice is what you want and we always recommend!

We especially like to error on the side of caution because time is the one commodity we can not control.

That life is yours and you have to decide on what is right for you but seek wise counsel please. Plus the clinics and hospitals have LOTS of equipment to help figure out what’s going on before it could be to late.



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