Well as I sit here in the future, I am ahead of you in time (literally not figuratively…unless your older than me then we can re-figure this out) but I digress. So here is todays important news…

Events: 1788 Georgia becomes a US state
1870 The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge begins.
1882 John D. Rockefeller puts all of his oil holdings into the Standard Oil trust.
1929 Canada and the United States agree on a plan to preserve Niagara Falls.
1974 The maximum US speed limit is reduced to 55 MPH in order to conserve gasoline (or if you own a eco car that is probably your max!)
Science Fiction Day Famous Birthdays: 1920 Isaac Azimov (Sci-Fi Author)
1936 Roger Miller (Song Writer)
1968 Cuba Gooding Jr. (Actor)
1969 Christy Turlington (Model)
1983 Kate Bosworth (Actress)
 But probably the most fascinating thing on todays date is that  its Boo Boo Bear’s Birthday (Yogi the Bear’s little buddy)
Also today is

National Science Fiction Day!!

so read a book…haha lets be real,  just grab some munchies and drink and fire up those great Sci-Fi shows and or movies. Me, I am gonna do some awesome re-enactments of Buck Rogers and Twiggy Twiggy with it!

Until next time, Keep it real, keep 2 wheels on the ground and ride till you can’t!


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