The name “CARPE MORTEM “

is Latin for “SEIZE DEATH”
with the club motto “RESTORE LIFE”.

We are more than just a group of motorcycle enthusiasts whose members practice(d) in one form or another in the medical field.

Composed of Paramedics, RNs, EMTS, combat medics, contractors and veterans who worked in the medical community, Home and Abroad.

We believe that education is important, especially in stressful and chaotic situations. We know first hand that YOU are truly the 1st one on scene.

From vehicle accidents to public discord, we knew first hand what to do BUT others did not.

This is Our drive, to Empower individuals in basic and advance knowledge!

This was the basis of starting this endeavor and our passion. 

This is why we formed our group, because sometimes you need someone who in the trenches and understand, with out saying a word or judgement. We also know that you can’t do it alone and we decide to Band Together, build a Family within a Family.

We strive to GROW and to empower others in the medical field or the Good Samaritans of our community by RESTORING LIFE!